Third Party Pharma Manufacturing Services In Chandigarh

Third Party Manufacturing Company In Chandigarh - Cassopeia Pharmaceuticals welcomes the pharma companies and professionals to become a partner with the top third party manufacturer in India for the best services. The high-quality drug formulations, experienced team, R&D experts, hi-tech machinery, and dedication towards providing the most reliable third party manufacturing pharma services in Chandigarh make us the best pharmaceutical manufacturing company in India. We have all the latest equipment at our manufacturing units which are capable of producing the products in bulk and fulfill the needs our partner companies. We being the best pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh offer DCGI approved products with full quality assurance, fast delivery, and excellent packaging of products at affordable rates.

Being situated in Haryana, Cassopeia Pharma is committed to providing the excellent services at the doorstep. To fulfill the needs of all pharma companies in one place, we offer all kinds of drug segments including General Range, Gynae Range, Cardiovascular Range, Dental Range, Derma Range, Antibiotic, Neuropsychiatry, and Nutritional Supplements, etc. in all parts of the nation. We are the first choice for many companies to offer them our best third party manufacturing services in Chandigarh. All the production of our formulations takes place under the supervision of experts who keep an eye on the complete manufacturing process and keep testing the products on each step for quality assurance and effectiveness of the products.

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    Best Third Party Pharmaceuticals Manufacturer To Offer Affordable Services

    With the spike in the demand for pharma products, numerous pharma professionals are thinking of establishing a pharma company. Even some are already running the companies but fed up with the hassle of handling all tasks such as manufacturing then selling the products to the market. But here all issues would be solved, we at a Cassopeia Pharma is representing ourselves as a Third Party Manufacturing Company In Chandigarh.

    Cassopeia Pharma is an ISO accredited Third Party Manufacturer in Chandigarh that is dedicated to providing a wide range of effective pharmaceutical products. Our high-tech facility manufactures our products in accordance with WHO and GMP guidelines. We have set very low pricing for all of our products because we want everyone to be able to afford our services of third party pharmaceutical manufacturing in Chandigarh. We provide a wide selection of high-quality pharmaceutical products, including tablets, capsules, soft gel capsules, powder, sachets, syrups, ointment and gel, and many more. Our company provides exceptional logistics services since we respect the time of our clients.

    How Are We Able To Provide Best Third Party Manufacturing Service?

    Cassopeia Pharma has developed as a platform for obtaining all high-quality pharmaceutical products. Furthermore, our diverse ranges of DCGI and FSSAI-approved items assist our clients in creating a location where all types of pharma experts may obtain a wide selection of products. We being the best Third Party Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh works with some of the highly reputed pharmaceutical wholesalers, businesses, and PCD Pharma firms. We run our organisation to meet the needs of the general public through pharmaceutical companies and other types of businesses.

    Our high-tech production unit is the primary reason for our best third-party manufacturing for pharma products. The manufacturing factory is established on a large plot of land with high-tech infrastructure. It is divided into divisions for each sort of pharmaceutical product.

    We have distinct divisions for the production of tablets, capsules, and soft gel capsules, for example. As a result, we are able to operate methodically and produce high-quality pharmaceutical products.

    WHO and GMP Certified Manufacturing Units for Top Quality Products

    Since we are WHO-CGMP certified, we have been following rigorous WHO-CGMP requirements for the processing of the unit. The standard method is followed, resulting in the most precise quality control procedures. Our manufacturing unit is supported by a highly experienced production team that focuses on producing high-quality pharma products. Apart from this we are mentioning some of the highlights of our manufacturing unit.

    • Latest hi-tech devices are being used for manufacturing.
    • All machinery or devices are oiled and services for better performance.
    • The unit is located in a duty-free zone that makes our services more affordable.
    • Our unit is usually sanitized in order to keep the production area contamination-free.

    Associate With The Best Company for Third Party Manufacturing Services In Chandigarh

    Every businessman is constantly looking for improved services since they are paying for them. And, as a reputable Third Party Manufacturing Company in Chandigarh, we never left any stone unattended in providing profitable services. We are a client-oriented firm that places a premium on customer satisfaction. We designate customer support professionals to guide and assist our clients, and this service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Here are some of the advantages of collaborating with us

    Skilled management - Team working here with us highly professional and organized. The efforts of talented employees have resulted in making the company's name famous as the dependable third party manufacturer in Chandigarh. There are several parts that look at the packaging, production, quality evaluation, billing, and so forth. These all are operated by our skilled team for making our services better.

    Pocket-Friendly Prices: Our company's best feature is that we offer the most accurate and reasonable rates in the industry. With this ad, we are concerned about the affordability of the average man. With this strategy, we can reach every area of our nation. With our quality pharma and affordable products, one can make a reputable name in the pharma market.

    Quick Delivery: We have a large network of customers, despite this, then also we are able to deliver the products in a given time with the big support of our logistics team. This enables us to deliver products quickly and safely while keeping costs low for our clients.

    Stock Management: In the pharmaceutical sector, stock scarcity is a major worry and issue that many pharma firms confront. However, at Cassopeia, our customers do not have to be concerned about the availability of the items they require. Because when our clients make their initial purchase from us, we learn about their needs and plan stock accordingly.

    Quality Pharma Products: As a reputable third-party producer, we are completely focused on our high-quality pharmaceutical products, which are produced under stringent quality supervision. Our quality control staff inspects the items at every stage of production. To ensure product quality, all of our goods are processed in an efficient manufacturing lane. We have established a key standard in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Procedure To Collaborate With The Top Pharma Manufacturing Company In Chandigarh

    Here is the process of collaborating with third party manufacturers in Chandigarh for manufacturing services of quality pharma products, go through the steps mentioned below and associating with us now.

    Products Selection

    Select the products for manufacturing or choose the products wisely. Once you select and compose a list of the products which you want to get manufactured from us. Confirm the quantity of the products and discuss prices with us of each product.

    Generate Quotation

    After discussing the price of each product we will generate quotations that cover all information about the products pricing. The quote contains all financial information about the transaction, such as the payment that the client will make when placing the order and the post-payment that must be paid afterwards.

    Packaging And Labelling

    Choose the product's material, design, outline, and labelling. Decide the description of the products or what you want to get written on the products from us. We ensure our clients that we will supply them with appealing packaging that is completely leak-proof.

    Submission Of Documents

    Submit the documentation required for the agreement to work legally. In the final paragraph, documents such as a PAN card, a drug licence, and others are specified. These documents are typically necessary when obtaining third-party manufacturing from any pharma manufacturer in Chandigarh. We will mention a full fledged list of all required documents in the last of this article.

    Products Manufacturing

    Following the satisfactory completion of all requirements, the manufacturing firm begins production, which might take 2–3 weeks or longer depending on the amount. We ensure you manufacture the products as per your demand and all compositions will be finest and selected by our customers.

    Delivery of the products

    Once manufacturing, including packaging, is completed, our logistical staff prepares the products for transportation and dispatches them to the final destination while adhering to strict safety rules. The logistics team may take one week; however, due to distance, this period may be shortened.

    These are some of the required documents which are required to proceed with the third party manufacturing company.

    • Cancel Cheque
    • Non-Resemblance Certificate
    • Photocopy of GST approval
    • TIN Registration Certificate
    • Wholesale Drug License
    • Attested Copy of Sale Tax Registration Certification
    • PAN Card and Photo ID Proof such as Voter Card, Driving License, Aadhaar Card
    • A copy of Memorandum & Articles of Association for Pvt. Ltd or Limited Company

    If you are interested in collaborating with us for third party manufacturing services in Chandigarh then do not hesitate to contact us with the below-mentioned details.

    Contact Information;

    Name: Cassopeia Pharmaceuticals
    Phone Number: +91 9991482102, +91 7341127151
    Address: Cassopeia Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd Building No 89, Raipur Kalan Chandigarh 160102



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