S.No. Brand Name Composition Packaging Type
10x1x4 Blister
10x10 Blister
3x10 Blister
10*10 Blister
10x10 Blister
10*10 Blister
3*10 Blister
10*10 Blister
10*1*10 Blister
10*1*10 Blister
10*1*10 Blister

PCD Pharma Franchise Company for Soft Gel Capsules

Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company - Cassopeia Pharma is an ISO certified company that follows all the guidelines of WHO & GMP which manufactures all kinds of pharmaceutical ranges and segments. Our company offers various drug ranges in the form of Soft Gelatins, tablets, capsules, hard gel, injections, syrups etc. covering all the pharmaceutical segments including multivitamins, multiminerals, diabtic, cardiac care, derma care and many more. We offer this much range because of the huge demand for these capsules. We have been in this business for many years and the trust of our partners and quality products make us the Best Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company in India as it has been engaged in the manufacturing and marketing of all kinds of Pharma products for a long time.

Cassopeia Pharma is a well known Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company. We are open for association with vibrant individuals who have a Pharma background and some relevant experience. We are already doing good business in many states like Mumbai, Maharashtra, Punjab, Delhi etc. We provide all the products in A grade packaging because they travel a long way before reaching the final consumer. The manufacturing units in which we produce the Pharma drugs are approved by the regulatory authorities. Being one of our associates will give you a chance to have the best business related experience of your life.

Why Soft Gel Capsules are Better for PCD Pharma Franchise Business

These capsules are one of the most commonly used drug forms all over the world. There are several reasons behind it like being a drug form which can be used easily makes it more viable than the other forms like tablets, capsules etc. Plus it is also said that they are more effective than any other drug form, as they don’t contain much excipients. The shells of these are made of gelatin with a liquid medication inside it. You will be getting the following benefits if you go with us regarding the PCD Pharma business for Soft Gel capsules.

  • Being the most commonly used drug form, it offers a great scope to its investors.
  • A great range of Pharma products are offered in this form.
  • The risk associated with this type of business will be quite low hence you will be able to earn a fair amount of profit.

Top Soft Gelatin Capsules Manufacturer in India - Cassopeia Pharma

Cassopeia Pharma is well known for its quality medications that it delivers in various product types especially Soft Gelatin Capsules. We as a best Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company have gained the trust of many Pharma experts and healthcare professionals during its working tenure. The reason for this is the range of medicinal drugs that we manufacture and the quality of them.

We make sure to fulfill the requirements of all the clients both in quality and quantity. This habit of ours has facilitated us to prove ourselves in the Pharma industry. Plus we make those product ranges that carry a high demand in the market so that our associates can earn a good amount of money as well. Following is a brief about us:

  • The Capsules that we manufacture undergo a cycle of tests before they go out for final delivery.
  • Our Soft Gelatin capsules come with A grade packaging to ensure a better efficacy along with their life cycle.
  • The R & D team of our company is able to provide excellent quality products by using the best practices.
  • All kinds of latest and advanced machines are used to manufacture the Soft Gelatin Capsules that we manufacture.

Types of Softgel Capsules We Offer for Franchise Business in India

There are various kinds of Pharma Drugs that are offered in the form of Soft Gelatin capsules like Multivitamins, Mulriminerals based medications are mostly offered in this form. Plus there are different types of capsules that are available to be consumed. They vary according to their built type and in shape also. Being a top Pharma company we make sure to provide all the available options to our associates so that they can also make a name for themselves in the market.

Following are the types of softgel capsules that we offer.

Oval Softgel Capsules

This form looks like the shape of an egg. This type of capsules can hold a good amount of liquid medication which depends upon the type of the outer shell.

Tube Softgel Capsules

This type is round in shape but flat at the bottom. This is available in various colours and sizes as per the demand of the customer.

Round Softgel Capsules

As the name suggests itself, this is available in a round shape. The size of this type of capsules varies according to the medication instilled in them.

Oblong Softgel Capsules

These are rectangular in shape but round at the edges. They also hold a fair capacity to hold medication.

Not only this, we offer these capsules for a variety of ranges like diabetes, cardiac care, derma, gynaecology, gastro-intestinal etc.

Best Packaging for Products Offered by top Soft Gelatin Capsules PCD Pharma Franchise Company

The packaging of a Product is as important as its quality is. Keeping the same thing in mind we make sure to provide the best possible packaging to all the products that we offer to our associates. Not only the outer look, they also play a critical role in the creation of a brand value and increasing the shelf life of the products as well. That’s the sole reason we have made a separate quality assurance department in our company which looks after the quality of each and every product.

Plus we also offer custom shapes options for the softgel capsules, in case someone needs them. We are a company that is customer centric as we know how important it is to have long term relationships with our clients. Following part will give you a brief about our packaging process.

  • All the material that we use is Non-toxic and is of Medical Grade.
  • We fulfill every single requirement for quality packaging.
  • The company has machinery that makes sure that adequate levels of oxygen and moisture are there in the manufacturing plant.
  • We also offer customized packaging as per the requirement of the client associated with us.

Quality Parameters Followed While Manufacturing Softgel Capsules

We are India’s leading and top rated softgel capsules manufacturing company that offer a variety of services at affordable rates. Along with it we also offer Third party manufacturing services for soft gelatin capsules. So if any company wants to get their Soft Gelatin Capsules manufactured by us. All the raw material used by the top soft gelatin capsules manufacturer is of pure quality because we don’t compromise with the quality part and especially when it comes to products which will be used to cure people’s health problems.

You must look at the following points:

  • Our company fulfills all the deadlines required to be completed within the stipulated time without sacrificing the quality of them.
  • We believe in being as transparent as possible as we value the time of our customers.
  • The company is committed to serving the customers in the best possible way that’s why we have appointed a customer care department.
  • All kinds of necessary safety requirements are fulfilled by us so that the quality won’t get sacrificed.

So if you are interested in Joining hands with the top soft gelatin capsules PCD pharma franchise company regarding the above opportunity or want to gain any other relevant information, you can contact us at the below given details.

Contact Info

Name: Cassopeia Pharma
Phone: +91 9991482102
Address: Scf 89, Sec-20, Panchkula -134117, Haryana